Monday, April 27, 2009

Recent remarks from students. Particularly of the AP variety.

ON a multiple choice test: "Mrs. Whole Nother Day? Can you help me? I know the right answer, I just don't which of these it is."

About scheduling presentations randomly (so that everyone has to be there every day): "But Friday is Seniors' last day, what if we don't want to present that day, and we want to go the day before?" "Well, the rest of us have to be here two weeks past that date, so we'll try real hard to feel sad that you have to give a presentation on your last day. That's two weeks before our last day."

About getting zero credit on an free-response answer: "But I knew what I meant, I just kept writing words so you'd see that."

From a junior, regarding the days after seniors are done: "So do we have to come to class?" "I will mark you absent if you're not here." "But what if our mom excuses us?" "That's between you and your mom." "But will it be unexcused?" Pause. "Huh."

Saturday, April 18, 2009


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There's always a question of how many notes do you give a babysitter? Exactly how anal-retentive and nervous do you want to seem? The question gets doubled when you have a friend--who hasn't really babysat in probably two decades--babysitting.

I do think, however, next time we might do better than a post-it note.