Tuesday, December 26, 2006

God rest ye merry whatevers.

Um. So, Christmas.

What a freaking total letdown. I know it's another family's customs, but it wasn't MY family customs, and so it felt really... deflated.

And then some family members managed to say and do some INSANELY AWFUL things that just made me glad to be home on Christmas Day. And then to have the trans-atlantic phone call with my family that wasn't awkward AT ALL kind of highlighted how very very much I was missing and how very very much this wasn't Christmas at all for me this year. So I just want it to be over so I can stop dwelling on it.

But--for what was my favorite holiday--to be glad it's over is disheartening.

So I'll just count my blessings, cuddle my dog, smooch my husband, and try to use this week of vacation wisely and get stuff done so that the next three months fly by and it's spring before I know it.

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