Sunday, October 28, 2007

The TV is my companion.

I miss him already.

Andrew's off to California for some training in some platform that has something to do with computers and the internet(gah, you'd never know, when I write like this, that I'm actually pretty bright and even used to work in computers once--I really did used to know what my husband did, once upon a time).

A week.

It kind of sucks.

Not that I've been awake much for the past few weeks, but still. It was nice to share pizza with someone (even if he did only leave me once piece). And he's been a super star with getting stuff done around the house lately. And I miss someone asking me at the end of each day, "How was school?" (even though I haven't had a school day without him yet--he just left this morning.)

Now, as a side note, I haven't exactly been following this fire crap, other than a, "yeah, so sad, burned houses" kind of way. But suddently I'm much more interested. I found some cool thermal sattelite images, but then I remember I have no idea about California geography. Is San Jose near San Diego? Why does everything start with San? And the answer is, thankfully, no, San Jose isn't anywhere near San Diego.

Anyway, I'm home, alone, for probably the last really nice weekend of the fall. There's nothing but crappy football on TV (c.f. any game with the Miami Dolphins or St. Louis Rams; also, guess what? Patriots win! snooooze... sometimes football from the West Coast really blows). Six days till he comes back.

Andrew, if your book comes before you get back, I may just open it before you get here. So hurry back.

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kimberly said...

Ah, but there was BASEBALL! Yes, I know, I've become a baseball girl. Maybe this was part of Peter's secret plan all along, I'm not sure. But we spent our quality time together last night yelling at the stupid FOX tv announcers (like, how hard is it to get that job? Cuz I could totally do that).

I'm sorry he's gone. Call me if you want to girly chat!