Sunday, March 16, 2008

That's kinda how I feel, too.

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They were here for a three days. And I loved it. I took about a thousand pictures of The Cutest Nephew In the Universe, culled it down to 272 for saving on my computer, and culled further, oh the culling! to flickr. And Lee and I stayed up way too late (like, till TEN!) watching trashy reality TV and didn't even GET to the Top Chef! And it was like we'd never lived nine time zones away from each other.

She, of course, was mildly freaked out by how nice Portlanders are, taking me back to those first months in Portland when the bagger at the grocery store really did seem to care about whether my afternoon had been going okay and how that freaked me, a verteran of Minnesota Nice. And then Lee took Portland by storm, rustling up interviews for every spare hour or four. So my fingers are way crossed for her.

And then, after a whirlwind where we didn't really do anything but then were never bored either, in the dark of Daylight Savings Time Morning, they were gone. And that kind of sucks.


Lee Ann said...

Well, we were only sort of gone -- gone the wrong way and thus needing to call you again.

It's true that we didn't do anything but were never bored, either. Love that.

Hopefully we'll get to watch Top Chef together soon. You'll have to Tivo it and then we can watch it at seven, because that 10 o'clock time is just not happening for me.

Aggie said...

So precious. I want to put him in my pocket and take him home.

kari said...

I know, right????