Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Up close
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So, my sister has moved here.

Having her as a house guest while she does things like make sure her apartment has heat has been the easiest and funnest thing ever. First of all, she does dishes, which, let's be honest, don't get done that often around here. Second, she brings the most awesome toy with her. He's about two feet tall and has the best-smelling head ever.

We've been tooling around Portland trying to get her the necessities to set up a household with a wee little boything (you know, little things, like, a bed... and maybe a crib... girl travels light) and since it isn't my money, it's been tons of fun.

I'm generous that way.

There's no plot twist to this blog entry, no funky story, just... things are good.


Aggie said...

OMG so can't wait to come out there and meet this little bundle. Em told me about your shower and I am sorry I am so geographically undesirable. I will be there in spirit. LOVE!

kati said...

Is she doing dishes in the bathtub? :)
Seriously, pass my many congratulations on to your sis. Teo is really really really cute!