Monday, June 30, 2008

What I learned from my June paystub.

The cost of health insurance for Howie each moth: $480
The cost of health insurance for Howie for April, even though he was only alive for 1.8 days of it: $480.
The cost of eight days of maternity leave that were apparently beyond my sick days: $1,900
The joy of getting hit with all of these on one paycheck: priceless.

Hello, Top Ramen! I've missed you! And Coors Lite--suddenly you look like my kind of bevvy!


Leah said...

$480 a month, you have got to be freaking kidding me!

Tamarine said...

Here's one from me:
Additional insurance deductible because I did not get pre-approval for Stella to be in the hospital: $250. I did get pre-approval for ME to be in the hospital having a baby, but neglected to specifically get pre-approval for the child that didn't exist yet.
Total cost of birth, not counting totally unpaid maternity leave: $5,000. I cried the day I got the bill from the hospital.

Katrina said...

Can I ask why you are paying that amount of money? What sort of special things are you paying for? Does he have existing conditions which cost extra to cover? I just can't work out why it is that amount?