Monday, August 04, 2008


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This weekend has been filled with Andrew's family, descending upon us like a plague of... like a wonderful joyful rain of bunnies, I mean.

And if anyone asks, yes, four adults and a first-grader are a lot to host, yes. And it also totally changes your cooking style.

So in honor of this event, I'd like to give my guide to Being a Good Houseguest:
1. Always thank whomever prepared your meal. Profusely. Yes, even if a microwave was involved.
2. If you didn't cook the meal, then by god, you clean. Even if you have a penis.
3. Playing couch commando with the remote control is kind of sucky. Not everyone wants to listen to the farm report every morning. And please turn off the TV during meals? Thanks.
4. Please make some plans that you can do without your hosts. This is not rude--this is, in fact, wonderful. Even if it's just going for a walk. It would be great to feel at home in my house for even an hour.
5. Please offer to provide one meal while you're here. Cook it, get it delivered, take us out to a restaurant, what-the-fuck-ever.

What do you think of the rules I've outlined? Am I missing anything? What else do you think should be a good rule for a multi-day guest? Consider that we've provided comfortable beds, sheets, towels, food, and cars.

This has been an exhausting weekend.


Em said...

-Do not leave your poop stained tighty-whities on the bathroom floor

not kidding

Katrina said...

Like and agree with you guide!!!!
I always take food, if am staying for a while (sometimes have to stay with friends for 4 - 5 days when have kids in the city for sport) I get groceries, I will usually pay attention to what is in the cupboards and then go and do a shop - adding some extra things that I know they will like (chocolate or the like) the things I will tend to buy are toilet paper, washing powder, cleaning products as they are usually expensive then some staples that I notice might be getting low in the pantry

Anonymous said...

Wait a second while I go back in time and tell my family to not read this blog post; they might get the wrong idea if they come acrosst it. *Bamph!* (tick, tock) *Bamph!* There, back again. All is well, they know not to read this one and avoid any hard feelings.