Friday, September 19, 2008

Asking for ideas

So, I'm thinking of setting up a blog just for the H man. Not to say I wouldn't write about him here if I wanted, but someplace to post a picture that's all, look at me! I'm sitting up!
Sitting up
What do you think? Should I do it? If so, do you have any ideas, O internet, for a good name?

I keep coming up with cute captions in my head, like "Tasting toes is less fun than I thought it would be"
Tasting the toe 3

but if they're going to be in Howie's voice, it should really be in Howie's blog, don't you think?


Aggie said...

This one is for Selden. "Why don't my toes taste like bacon?"

kati said...

I feel like you should dress him in a duck costume (a la the cute baby in costumes photos) and call it Howie the Duck. Not Howard the Duck, because people you don't want would find you.

Any vessel for more cute pictures makes me happy, though. :)