Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Round up

  • awesome wedding that broke me into pools and puddles of tears. Multiple times. I love those two.
  • School rocks, but I lack the energy to write coherently about it right now. An update will come, I promise, but I can't--I don't know, I guess I won't do it justice just yet.
  • Kickball's starting up again, and this time I'm the captain. El capitano. Ha.
  • Our house served as a guest house for the first time. I mean, my bro and his wife have come to stay, and another friend and his fiance came to stay, but for some reason this time was different, and it felt awesome. I just felt--glowy--that I could offer that kind of retreat for people I love so very much.
  • And right now our house is wrecked. I forget how much school takes it out of me, so I see the dishes from Monday and I'm like, there's no visible mold or insect life, so it can wait another day.
  • Was that TMI?
  • For your fun and enjoyment, possibly the goofiest yet most fascinating video ever: Ok go, the most adorable hipster-pop goofballs you ever met.


LeeAnn said...

I want:

- details on the wedding
- details on school
- PICTURES OF THE HOUSE (haven't seen the new rooms completed yet...)

Maybe we should just do it by phone.

Thanks for the Ok Go video. That was cute.

kati said...

Dude, I knew I wanted to do the damn dishes!! Why did I listen to my husband? Silly man.

Thanks for everything- it was fantastic!!!!