Thursday, April 12, 2007

Anyone able to take the stress away?

I hate days like this. I had to call two sets of parents under the pretext that I wanted to verify whether an absence was excused or not. I say pretext because it was a test day, and there is no way on earth those boys didn't know it was a test day, and mysteriously, they were only absent for my class. Plus, they are friends. And both absent together. I'm not always too bright but I'm pretty sure I know why they were absent.

But that means they get a zero for that test. The crap of it is, I really like both of them. If just by psychic force of will I could get them to work and to think, I would, in a New York minute. As it is, they are probably going to fail the class. And that sucks. They brought it on themselves, but it really sucks. Plus, I think I got them in a LOT OF TROUBLE at home.

I tried to play it as fair as possible. I warned both of the boys, told them what the penalty was, and gave them the opportunity to talk to their parents first. I had spoken with both parents on other occasions, and knew they were straight shooters and wouldn't excuse the kids to get them out of a punishment they'd created. One of the boys took me up on it and fessed up to his mom before I talked to her, which was good. The other? Whooooo boy, I think he's in a heap of trouble.

My inner dialogue: I didn't make him skip class. I didn't make him skip class on a test day. I didn't make him lie about it.

But still, I hate being a grown up sometimes.


kimberly said...

_you_ have to call the parents?! Not the school secretary or admin or anything? They actually make the teachers call the parents of missing kids? Since you dont have enough to do?

that's crazy

kch said...

The school actually has an automated system that calls home anytime there's an absence of any sort. But I was calling because they'd missed a *test*, and would have to receive a zero if the absence was unexcused, so I just wanted to cross the i's and dot the t's. So to speak. ;)

Plus, at their core, I think these are both good boys and so I was hoping to scare them straight. Now, of course, I'm The Bad Guy. And one of them is saying, "But I didn't know there was a test! I should be able to take it!"

Oh well.

kimberly said...

that's so much better... I just figured, with the budget cuts and everything, that you had to do absence duty too!

Keep listening to that inner dialogue... and remember, you being the Big Bad Teacher now makes my life easier when I'm the Big Bad Prof!!