Monday, July 30, 2007

I had an oops.

I don't feel guilty. Conversations like this have been going on all over the greater Portland metro area since Wednesday.

Him: What’s this?

Me: A squeegee.

A what?

A squeegee!

Why do we have a squeegee!

It was ninety-nine cents! At IKEA!

I thought you were going to IKEA with Emily on Friday.

Well, yes, but I just stopped by today. I’m sooooo bored, and plus I needed a shelf for the bathroom.

So you went to IKEA, and you bought a shelf and a squeegee?

And a salad spinner.

And a salad spinner.

It was right by the checkout! And we have all that lettuce.

So if I looked all over this house, all I would find is a shelf, a squeegee, and a salad spinner.

Yes, I only bought stuff if it started with an s.



So, that’s it, though?

Oh, yeah, I was great! Well, that, and the mirror that’s still in the car.

A mirror.

Yeah, and some hooks.

So a shelf, a squeegee, a salad spinner, a mirror and some hooks.

Yeah, and I’m going back on Friday with Emily. We totally need some shelving for the basement.


Leah said...

IKEA is good times. :)

kimberly said...

I HEART IKEA. Figures that just as we leave, they arrive. Stupid IKEA.