Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Happy birthday

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So that thing? That I was doing with a friend? That's my friend there, with his son. And together, we put up a basketball hoop for Andrew.

That's right, we were smarter than a basketball hoop. And it might not even fall down! What's more, it might not even pull the garage down with it.

Putting up the hoop was a two-day cavalcade of "What the hell?" and "Who builds a garage with studs that are 21-and-a-half inches apart?" and "Ah shit--do we go back and fix that, or keep going and pretend we didn't see it?"

Amazingly enough, Andrew has tested it (with his brand new basketball) and it hasn't fallen down yet. It went exactly as I'd hoped, by the way. As we were driving home, Andrew was chattering about his brother said this, his father did that, and so on and so forth, until we turned into our driveway.... it went something like this:

"So Don said that he was never going to--HEEEEYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!"

That was a good "Hey!", just FYI.

I feel quite satisfied.

And as an aside: I checked, and I still suck at basketball.


kimberly said...

But you're so tall? Aren't you a natural?

(I'm sure you NEVER get tired of that....)

kch said...


My usual response:

And you must play a LOT of miniature golf.