Monday, November 19, 2007

Help--I'm drowning in CSA

What a... nice Thanksgiving gift!

We got home today and our hippie box was on our front porch, all full of organic goodness. And there was a note.

"Your bin was packed as a Large, at no extra charge. Happy Thanksgiving!"

What a great idea! Now, if only we didn't have trouble using all our crap from our usual small box, it's be perfect!

Seriously, we are having true troubles using everything up before its all limp and liquidy. And I'm not talking about the rootabegas and the leeks. I'm talking average stuff. Carrots. Organic carrots get really limp and... well, limp if you don't eat them fast enough. And the onions! Dear GOD does anyone want organic onions? We get two to three a week, use one or two, so they build and build and build so we had like ten (after giving away a bunch last week) and NOW we get FIVE MORE! FIVE more ONIONS! Is there a way to make, like, onion pasta with a side of onions? (my students, they would looooove it! and andrew's coworkers! Ooooo, and his darts team! we'd be suuuper popular!)

I get that kale and chard are staples, so I'm prepared for those, but I think I need to reassess my approach to this whole thing.

I will say: I've never eaten so healthy in my entire damn life.

Anyone want an organic onion? Or two?


Lee Ann said...

Get a juicer and you'll power through those carrots at lightening speed. I can't say for the onions, but when I cook at home I go through 4-5/wk.

kimberly said...

How about freezing those slightly limp carrots and onions and making your own chicken/veggies broth. We keep a giant zippy bag in the freezer and dump in leftover chicken bones and all the trimmings of veggies. Then, when I'm home all day grading, I dump it into a pot and make broth.

if you're interested, I'd be happy to give you a more specific recipe.

Leah said...

onion soup, yum yum!