Tuesday, February 19, 2008

And you mean...

Him: So... how'd your doc's appointment go, babe?

Me: Oh, it was good. It was good.

Set your date yet?

Next time, next appointment.

How about your blood tests?

Oh! Yeah, so you remember how tired I've been? And I started taking the iron supplements? Even with the supplements and my prenatals, I had an iron level of 34.2. Apparently, 34 is the borderline of anemic. So, you know, no wonder I was so tired!

So maybe that would explain your attitude!

And I... what?

Um... nothing?

My attitude? What...?

I'll just be down here doing the laundry!


Andrwe said...

I swear I just have these little conversations with myself sometimes, like 'what would be the most inappropriate thing to say right now'. This one just seemed too funny to keep to myself. :)

All my love,


The Town Criers said...

This totally cracked me up :-)