Saturday, February 23, 2008

Flickr update

Gutter bird
Originally uploaded by karijean
Updated pics on Flickr, yo.

A few are marked private, for friends and family only, so if you are one of those two groups and I haven't marked you as friend or family, drop me a note and I'll fix that.

In this Flickr update--I got a brand spankin' new camera for my birthday and it is sweet. So I'm just taking pictures of, y'know, stuff. And the lunar eclipse.

Be warned--there's also belly pics on there. I'm not posting them here, because for years, belly pics just made me kind of want to cry a little bit, no matter how happy I was for someone. So I guess I didn't want to, y'know, surprise anyone with that. But I also don't want this to go undocumented. And there've been requests. So. Yeah.

I'm feeling strangely vulnerable...


Leah said...

You've gone through so much to get here, I hope you can enjoy it without too many worries about causing unintentional pain. You look beautiful and I'm glad you're documenting this time. thanks for sharing the pics.

kari said...

Oh, I am enjoying it... I guess I just wanted to watch out for anyone else who is where I was, a little. I feel a little protective of Two (and Three and Four) Years Ago Me.