Sunday, December 14, 2008

Blizzard, 2008: Update

Okay, so now I'm as bad as my students. I'm obsessively refreshing the news sites hoping to see my school district. No luck yet.

And in the meantime? I haven't done my homework. My excuse though: earlier today, the laptop I'd been using went all blue-screen on me. Looking at a long day indoors, and possibly more than one day, horror filled me. An entire day? Without Scramble????

My husband, though, found an old laptop and over the course of this afternoon, scrubbed it and reinstalled XP and IE (at the highest version that this old dinosaur can handle). I don't have Office, but at least I have email. I may not have married rich, but I sure married smart.

I'm off to cook dinner. And refresh a few sites.

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kimberly said...

And??? Do you have a snow day?

We're at school here, but it was -5 at 9:30 and they're saying it's -20 or worse with the wind chill. Joy (grumble grumble grumble).

I hope that you guys can play in the snow alittle and that little H enjoys the beginnings of his first winter!