Saturday, March 28, 2009

Remember what I predicted?

about walking first versus talking first?

First Steps from Kari on Vimeo.

So, today we were packing to go to visit Howie's other grandparents, the ones on the farm. I'm anticipating a big week for him, meeting new family he's never met. I'm also anticipating a week with no internet.

But in other news, it's spring break! And it certainly didn't come a week too soon! Time is counting down on my AP students' time, and on mine. Four weeks, essentially, and I'm free--free--free!!!! I mean, yeah, I still need to show up to work and all, but the stress is off. I don't need to show up at 6:30 anymore, I can show up at 7:00. You wouldn't think that's a huge difference, but trust me. It makes a huuuuge difference in terms of resentment. Not that I don't love my job, because... okay, well, I at least still LIKE it most days.

Now please excuse me, because I'm going to go watch that video again. Those last ten seconds, where Howie sees me, really sees me, and finds me worth the extra effort of walking to? Make me all gushy inside. Today, a friend's two-year-old, who's met me, like, twice, pointed at me and said, "She's someone's mama." That's right, kiddo, I am. I'm other things too--teacher, wife, Joan-Jett-karaokeing-fool--but I'm Howie's mama, and that's better than I'd ever imaginined.

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Em said...

So, um Dan and I have now watched this a few times and think it is seriously the cutest thing ever. And Will says "That show with Howie makes me happy!"

Have a good trip!!