Wednesday, January 10, 2007

This is not what I meant

So, we totally moved out here because we were tired of the super cold winters and the super hot summers. We were tired of high-rises and hour commutes where you didn't leave the city. We wanted to buy a house without having to have a million in T-bills stashed somewhere.

I'm still down with the last two, but the first one? Totally hasn't panned out. Aside from a couple freak snowstorms, the midwest and East Coast has been much warmer than Portland this winter. Tonight and tomorrow it's supposed to get down to the teens. Seriously, what's all that about?

Anyway. Not much updating right now, mostly I'm just tired what with the getting-all-back-to-classes stuff. School continues apace, although in one of my classes, only three people finished their homework.


Remind me again, how awesome teaching is?

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Kati said...

It's going to be 70 degrees here next week, and housing is affordable!! You should bring the entire PDX contingent south and east!!

Oh wait- you wanted to avoid super-hot summers, too.