Saturday, June 09, 2007

I'm baaaaaaack!

AAAAAhhhhhhhh. Internet connectivity at last.

Our wireless access point had been slowly dying for a while. We'd be connected--then we werent--then we were--then we weren't. That was frustrating.

But not nearly so frustrating as when it'd died altogether.

Which led to lots of conversations that went like this:

"I can stop by Best Buy and pick up a new hub, but which one should I get?"

"Here, I'll go find one for you on the... ARGH!"


"Can you write down where we're going?"

"Yeah, I'll just go look it up on... ARGH!"


"You haven't uploaded pictures in forEVER!"

"I'll do it right after camping then... ARGH!"


Apparently our household is stupid dependent on magic invisible pictures that fly through the air to appear on our computer screens. And I found exactly which sites are blocked at school (YouTube, updating on blogspot, the comments sections of any blog) and which were not (blogs themselves, THANK GOD! I kept up to date on Go Fug Yourself!) and that I severely missed my RSS feeder.

But it's all better, all reconnected. There's nothing like going to your RSS feeds and seeing, oh look! Melissa's updated! TWELVE TIMES!

So stay tuned for new pictures on Flickr--soon, I swear--and other stories. But it's 11 and I've put off my usual Saturday morning chores to get re-updated on Pink is the New Blog and so now I have to go do some of the crap I've been saying I'd do all along.

Besides, now that I have the internet again, I can listen to NPR while cleaning the basement. So I'd better do it before our WAP dies again.

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