Sunday, June 10, 2007

View out my back door.

View out my back door.
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Some days are better than others.

Yesterday was a very fulfilling day. For once, I was glad it rained ("What do you call two days of rain in Portland?" "The weekend."). We've had a gorgeous June so far (want proof? go to flickr and see my camping pictures!) so I can't begrudge a day of rain. Moreover, I'd promised myself that THIS was the weekend to clean the basement.

And oh, did I.

Other reasons I have to be happy:

It's nine school days till summer.


The sun's out today.

Andrew's nearly done with his book. Three chapters left and then I get to see my husband again! At least until his revisions are due.

Did I mention it's nine days til summer? Okay, technically, I suppose, it's like 11 days, but really, weekends don't count. And nine sounds so much smaller.

Nine. 9. neuf. divyet. nueve. 9.

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Em said...

By the way, your basement? Totally kicks ass now. I am seriously jealous of your new AWESOME craft area. I want one.