Sunday, February 18, 2007

Links on a Lazy Sunday

Reason to be irate: a doctor has the right to refuse to treat your child because you have a tattoo or a facial piercing. Although, I have to wonder--was that the only doctor in town? Also: asshat.

Reason to be concerned: Britney has lost her damn mind.

Reason to giggle: my sister gets sent the greatest shit. I also adore the friend who sent it, because she and Lee came to stay with me once and it made me feel super uber cool.

Reason to hate flying less: If instead of SkyMall, they had this.

Reason to be excited: In about four months, I can buy this and this and this, only about 15 minutes away. And tax-free. My dream of an organized basement, an adorable fairy-room, and a new kitchen are within my grasp.

That is all.

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