Thursday, February 01, 2007

An update in the life of a teacher

This: So my school district is opening a 4th high school, and they're populating it by cannibalizing the other schools. There's a bunch of things about this high school that I philosophically don't agree with (they want to force every student to take at least one AP course...!) plus it's waaay on the other side of town and so would likely change my dreamy fifteen minute commute into a forty minute one, but mostly I'm just so wicked happy with my school right now that I don't want to change. But they're supposed to announce the moved personnel today. They haven't yet (shocked! I am SHOCKED!), but still. It'll be nice to get that uncertainty out of the way. Plus, the teacher we call Shoop Shoop for his parachute pants is probably going to the new school so that'll be good.

That: A and I went out on a date Friday night--to my high school's varsity basketball game against the cross-town rivals. It was a hoot. It was such a hoot, it may be the reason the word hoot was invented. A, of course, was his high school basketball team's MVP for two years in a row, so this is his world and he got right into it, shouting things like, "Challenge him!" and "Follow your shot!" and "Run the weak side triangle! Snatch the shore account!" (I may have made up that last one...) Two of the starters were sophomores of mine, so I was shouting by name because of course they could hear me up in the stands...! It was so much fun that we're probably going again tomorrow.

The other: ...and while we were at the basketball game, the school band was awesome. I looked over and noticed one of my favorite students--Lee will remember him from one of her visits because he's one of her favorites too, all arty and earnest and vegan and curly-haired and be-spectacled and nerdy but in a cool way, like he totally listened to They Might Be Giants--I noticed that he plays in the band. And you'll never guess what he plays.

The cowbell.


Lee Ann said...


Although, honestly, I don't know if listening to They Might Be Giants is actually ever cool.

That's the thing.

I came on your site today to leave a comment bitching about how you haven't updated. Thank you for providing other things to discuss.

Also, I want to go to a bball game with the former MVP. I think it would be fun.

kch said...

Ah, so you understand the irony in my statement...