Sunday, February 25, 2007

Making a mix-tape.

At a friend's "Hey, We're Having a Baby!" dance party recently (one where I didn't do much dancing, because I was worried about my pregnancy--hah!), they were given a card. When you opened it, it started playing Salt-n-Pepa, beginning with the chorus, "OOoo, Baby Baby! Ba-ba-ba-Baby!" Funny.

Now Hallmark does have a new line for miscarriage, but it's a little cheesy. Other online stories have miscarriage sympathy cards, but really I'm not much of an butterfly-kisses, angel-wings, rainbow-bridge, name-your-embryo-and-call-it-your-guardian-angel type of person.*

But if they had music, music that plays when you open the card, I might be interested. So Andrew and I were debating what songs they should play.

His contribution: "So You Had a Bad Day."
Mine: "There's that Janis Joplin's song that goes, (singing) 'Bye... bye... bye, baby bye bye!'"
His suggestion: "Wasn't there a Justin Timberlake song that went, baby ain't no lie, baby bye bye bye?" **
Me again: "How about Sunday Bloody Sunday?"
Him: "...."
Me: "Hmm. Too far?"

Well, we'll keep working on it. We'll make millions.

(In other news--physically, muuuuch less pain. Emotionally, well, today is better than yesterday, and tomorrow will hopefully be better still. And I took a shower today! Is this where I say "baby steps"?***)

*Not that I begrudge anyone their coping mechanism. If that gives you comfort and that's how you get through this, y'know, go for it. Me? I make bad jokes and get angry at inappropriate times.

**By the way, he totally did some dance steps with that one. He'll deny it, but I was there.

**See? Baaaaaad jokes.

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kimberly said...

Don't let anyone tell you you can't be mad. Or inappropriate. And both together- that's healing.

I'm so sorry. I'm here if you need anything. And I'm real good at being mad. 2006 kicked my ass- and I'd be happy to take revenge on 2007 on your behalf. Just say the word.