Monday, August 14, 2006

I just found out that my fourteen days of freedom left are down by two.

I know this gets no sympathy from non-teachers, but I'm freaking out about the end of summer. Some of it is that two weeks of it were sucked up by the non-moving pain, and then more weeks of it were sucked up by the anticipation of the aforementioned pain, but it really seriously feels like I got nothing done this summer. I had all this time! And I did nothing! (Unless you count watching Project Runway like it's ocular crack. This includes reading Tim Gunn's blog and listening to Tim Gunn's podcast.)

So I was freaking out about this--two weeks from today the pre-school (as in before-school, not as in before-kindgergarten) teacher inservice starts up. And then I open my mail and guess what! I have two additional days of inservice! Next week! That I have to go to! Dear god!

(On the plus side--I get paid for that. So that's extra money. So that's good.)

I'm SO not ready, and I'm not even ready to GET ready.

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