Friday, August 04, 2006

The world has totally and completely receded in the past forty-eight hours. I have not been outside my room since I was wheeled into it at 6-ish on Wednesday. My major movement? The five feet to the toilet. and back. And that took about a half hour.

Boy, this next week is gonna ROCK.

I feel like a bit of a drama queen, but I want a wheel chair. The problem is that I feel much more awake and aware than my body will let me be. If walking five feet wipes me out, then there's no way I can do ANYTHING except sit on my already-sore ass. But when I sit still, I'm plenty awake. So I'm hoping I can get what my mom calls her "gimp tag" to hang from the rearview mirror and a wheel chair and I'll be able to sit still and show the city to my mom and dad.

For instance--mom and I had a great time shopping online yesterday. And then doing crosswords. So I'm hoping that we can stroll down the sidewalk festival. And by "we" I mean "they and I get pushed".

Okay, this entry? She may be a little disjointed. I've graduated to dilaudid. Another reason why getting pushed everywhere seems like a reeeeeeally good idea.

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LeeAnn said...

Can you imagine this whole experience sans internet? I'm glad to know you're on the downhill slope of it all, though...

I bet you're going Netflix wild, too!