Wednesday, July 26, 2006

ARG. With a side of FEH.

Being home all day like one is when one is a teacher and it's summer, you realize something you didn't realize with with such immediacy.

Telemarketers even when they "aren't selling anything, honest!" suck big hairy donkey balls.

I just got my SIXTH call from Key Financial Group. That would be the FIFTH after I told them to put me on their Do Not Call List. Each time, they've had a different reason for why the "do not call" command didn't work. First it was because I didn't hear their spiel. I don't care. Put me on the Do Not Call list. This last time it was because I didn't speak to a supervisor. I don't care. Put me on the Do Not Call list.

Even if they were giving away diamonds shat out by a virgin sheep, I wouldn't be interested anymore. Fuckers.

But now I have the supervisor's name. And you, Funky Cold Medina, are now responsible if I get call number 7.

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