Thursday, July 20, 2006

One of those Nother Good Days

I got shit done today. Well, partially done, anyway. I did, like, two and a half loads of laundry (mental note: don't let that half load of laundry sit in the washer until it's stinky like you usually do). (Also: never mind that it took me all day to do that. shush. really.)

And then there was kickball, which, by the way, we rocked. Well, not so much rocked, but we did finally win. And it didn't matter that the rest of the league still isn't showing up to the bar: fuck them. We have fun.

The still unfinished upstairs is looking good, and they're telling us three weeks. Never mind that my surgery is in two weeks. If the only people I need to deal with while recuperating are the electricians, I'm doing okay.

And today, for one day? We didn't worry about money. See? That's a good day.

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