Saturday, July 22, 2006

Go. Now. See.

There have been quite a few movies that have captured me in the past few years. Brokeback Mountain wouldn't leave my thoughts for days after, as I relived the agony and the moments of supreme--well, hotness, to be honest. Amelie enchanted me, and I couldn't stop giggling and glowing after I saw that movie. There have been tons and tons of others that surprised me. Hustle & Flow. Crash. Whale Rider. Documentaries that provoke me, make me think or make me smile. Supersize Me. Spellbound. March of the Penguins. Winged Migration. Murderball. The Fog of War. Born into Brothels.

All of these I'd recommend to friends, and say, "I hope you like them." (A habit I'd like to pickup from a friend who pointed out that saying, "You'll love it!" is totally presumptious and occasionally horribly wrong.) Seriously, if you haven't seen some of those--every single movie up there is one that drew me in and held me clamped in my seat, for whatever reason--and they are all ones that, if you asked "Should I rent this?" I'd say, hey, sure, I liked it!

None of them--none of them--carry the urgency of An Inconvenient Truth. This one, I don't care if you like it or love it or hate it. It's not one I want to wait until you ask me what I thought. It's one that you need to take an afternoon off work to go see. You need to hire a babysitter, you need to drag your husband, your wife, your parents, your boss, or your idiot brother-in-law and go see this damn movie. Then you need to convince anyone you know who hasn't seen it to go see it.

In fact, it should be everyone's job to find one person who thinks Al Gore sucks, who thinks global warming is a farce, and pay them to go see this movie. Seriously, please. Me, Andrew, you, everyone needs to drag one person in who wouldn't go see it otherwise.

I've never felt so immediate, if that makes sense. So desperate to make a difference.

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Just waiting for it to come out here...